Destination Western Front

London's Omnibuses Go to War (Second Edition)

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Destination Western Front - Roy Larkin

Tells the most complete available story of London's omnibuses during the Great War of 1914-18.

Extensive research using the archives of the War Office, the Army Service Corps and the London General Omnibus Company

has allowed the true and remarkable story of London's buses during WW1 to be told in detail.

With over 125 genuine period images on 192 high quality gloss pages, this hardback book brings the story to life for the

Western and Home Fronts, the pre-war military trials and the manufacture of buses and lorries for the War Office.


ISBN 978 0 9565014 6 2

"Just one of the many amazing photographs (all very well produced) that enhance the incredibly well told, incredible story of the London buses that went to war in the 1914-18 conflict.

Hats off to the painstaking, thorough research that went on to bring us this very moving, heroic tale.

Really terrific!" - Classic Bus magazine.


Although described as a Second Edition, the new book is very much more than this label might suggest. The text has been considerably extended as a result of new research at the The National Archives and other previously untapped resources.

The original chapter headings remain, but are reorganised and added to with a chapter on the Omnibus Companies (the military ones) and with a 36 page appendix detailing the use of the buses, gleaned from contemporary war diaries. There is also a most informative list of the many abbreviations used by the military! The book is extensively illustrated with some fascinating black & white photographs, which given the circumstances in which many of them were taken are of excellent quality.

If you enjoyed the first edition of this book, buy the second edition - you will not be disappointed. - John Bennet, The Omnibus Society

Congratulations on the 2nd edition: A very nicely produced book, and full of interesting facts and images. - One of many very happy customers


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