poperinge main square with vehicles ww1
Frevent street with british lorries in ww1


A ~ Adjutant-General's Branch

a ~ acting

A Branch ~ Administrative Branch (GHQ)

A and S ~ Ammunition and Stores

a/Cpl ~ acting Corporal

a/L/CPL ~ acting Lance Corporal

a/Sgt ~ acting Sergeant

a/SMTO ~ acting Senior Mechanical Transport Officer

A.Min ~ Air Ministry

AA ~ Area Administrator

AA ~ Army Act

AA ~ Anti-Aircraft

AA & QMG ~ Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General

AAFA ~ Australian Army Field Artillery

AAGAIF ~ Assistant Adjutant-General Australian Imperial Force

AAH ~ Army Auxiliary Horse (Canadian)

AAMC ~ Australian Army Medical Corps

AANS ~ Army Auxiliary Nursing Service

AANS ~ Australian Army Nursing Service

AASC ~ Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company

AASC ~ Australian Army Service Corps

AASLS ~ Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Section

AASP ~ Australian Ammunition Sub Park

AASS ~ Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Section

AB ~ Army Book

ABAFAPS ~ Army Brigade. Australian Field Artillery Park Section

ABC ~ Army Bearer Corps (Indian)

ABMM ~ Association of British Motor Manufacturers

ABPO ~ Advanced Base Post Office

ABPS ~ Army Brigade Park Section

ABRFA ~ Army Brigade Royal Field Artillery

ABRFAPS ~ Army Brigade Royal Field Artillery Park Section

Ac ~ Cross Channel (barges)

AC ~ Adjusted Charge (munitions)

AC ~ Alternating Current

AC of S ~ Assistant Controller of Salvage

ACAC ~ Advisory Committee on Army Contracts

ACBAS ~ Administrative Commandant Back Areas South

ACC ~ Army Cyclist Corps

ACCC ~ Assistant Controller of Construction Contracts

ACCS ~ Australian Casualty Clearing Station

ACCWD ~ Assistant Controller Chemical Warfare Department

ACD ~ Army Chaplains Department

ACG ~ Assistant Chaplain-General

AChD ~ Army Chaplains' Department

ACI ~ Army Council Instruction

ACL ~ Assistant Controller of Labour

ACMWD ~ Assistant Controller Mechanical Warfare Department

ACOO ~ Army Corps Operation Orders

ACRO ~ Army Corps Routine Orders

ACTAR ~ Administrative Commandant Third Army Railheads

ACTSC ~ Australian Corps Troops Supply Column

ACWOC ~ Advisory Committee on War Office Contracts

ACTWR ~ Assistant Controller of Trench Warfare Research

ACTWRB ~ Assistant Controller of Trench Warfare Research Branch

AD ~ Assistant Director

AD ~ Artillery Depot

ADAC ~ Assistant Director of Army Contracts

ADAE ~ Assistant Director of Aeronautical Equipment

ADAPS ~ Asssistant Director Army Postal Service

ADC ~ Aide de Camp

ADD ~ Assistant Director of Docks

ADDR ~ Assistant Director of Docks & Railways

ADGG ~ Assistant Director of Guns & Grenades

ADGT ~Assistant Director-General Transportation

Adj ~ Adjutant

ADL ~ Assistant Director of Labour

ADLR ~ Assistant Director of Light Railways

Admm ~ Administration

ADMA ~ Assistant Director of Military Accounts

ADMS ~ Assistant Director of Medical Services

ADMT ~ Assistant Director of Military Transport

ADOS ~ Assistant Director of Ordnance Services

ADOES ~ Assistant Director of Ordnance & Engineering Supplies

ADPS ~ Assistant Director of Postal Service

ADRS ~ Assistant Director of Requisition Services

ADRT ~ Assistant Director of Railway Traffic

ADS ~ Advanced Dressing Station

ADSA ~ Assistant Director of Stores Accounting

ADSC ~ Australian Division Supply Column

ADsigs ~ Assistant Director of Signals

ADT ~ Assistant Director of Transport

ADTn ~ Asistant Director of Transportation

ADUS ~ Australian Depot Unit of Supply

Adv Gd ~ Advanced Guard

ADVS ~ Assistant Director of Veterinary Services

ADW ~ Assitant Director of Works

AE Coy ~ Area Employment Company

AEC ~ Army Education Corps

AEC ~ Area Employment Company

AEC ~ Associated Equipment Company (lorry)

AED ~ Aeronatutical Equipment Department

AEF ~ American Expeditionary Force

AF ~ Army Form

AFA ~ Australian Field Artillery

AFA ~ Army Field Artillery

AFABAC ~ Australian Field Artillery Brigade Ammunition Column

AFABPS ~ Australian Field Artillery Brigade Park Section

AFB ~ Army Filtration Barges

AFC ~ Australian Flying Corps

AFC ~ Air Force Cross

AFCD ~ Aeronautical Finance & Contracts Department

AFM ~ Air Force Medal

AFPB ~ Army Forage Purchase Board

AFRS ~ Army Field Remount Section

AFS ~ Assistant Financial Secretary

AG ~ Adjutant-General

AGBD ~ Australian General Base Depot

AGS ~ Army Gymnastic Staff

AHC ~ Army Hospital Corps

AHQ ~ Army Headquarters

AHR ~ Army Horse Reserve

AHTD ~ Advanced Horse Transport Depot

AIF ~ Australian Imperial Force

AIMT ~ Assistant Inspector of Mechanical Transport

AIS ~ Assistant Inspector of Searchlights

ALC ~ Army Labour Commandant

ALTM ~ Australian Light Trench Mortar

AM ~ Air Ministry

AM ~ Albert Medal

AMB ~ Agricultural Machinery Board

AMB ~ Agricultural Machinery Branch

AMC ~ Army Medical Corps

AMD ~ Agricultural Machinery Department

AMFC ~ Administrative Member of the Forage Committee

AMFO ~ Assistant Military Forwarding Officer

AMLO ~ Assistant Military Landing Officer

amm ~ Ammunition

AMO ~ Administrative Medical Officer

AMP Co ~ Anglo-Mexican Petroleum Co

AMR ~ Army Motor Reserve

AMR ~ Aerial Musket Range

AMS ~ Assistant Military Secretary

AMSD ~ Agricutural Machinery Supply Department

AMTC ~ Admiralty Mechanical Transport Committee

AMT Coy ~ Australian Mechanical Transport Company

AMTD ~ Advanced Mechanical Transport Depot

AMTO ~ Army Mechanical Transport Officer

AMTO ~ Assistant Mechanical Transport Officer

AMTS ~ Australian Mechanical Transport Service

AMTS ~ Australian Motor Transport Service

ANS ~ Admiralty National Shipyards

ANTO ~ Assistant Naval Transport Officer

ANZAC ~ Australian & New Zealand Army Corps

AO ~ Army Order

AO ~ Area Office

AOC ~ Army Ordnance Corps

AOCA ~ Auxiliary Omnibus Companies Association

AOD ~ Army Ordnance Department

AOO ~ Army Operational Orders

AOP ~ Artillery Observation Post

AOS ~ Army Ordnance Service

AOW ~ Administrative Officer Woolwich

AP ~ Aircraft Park

AP ~ Ammunition Park

AP ~ Armour Piercing (munitions)

AP Coy ~ Advanced Park Company (Royal Engineers)

APB ~ Army Purchasing Board

APC ~ Army Pay Corps

APC ~ Armour Piercing, Capped (munitions)

APC ~ Asiatic Petroleum Company

APC ~ Assistant Principle Chaplain

APC ~ Auxiliary Petrol Company

APD ~ Army Pay Department

APM ~ Assistant Provost Marshall

APO ~ Army Post Office

APOC ~ Army Post Office Corps

APS ~ Army Printing Section

APS ~ Army Postal Service

APSS ~ Army Printing & Stationery Service

APTC ~ Army Physical Training Corps

AQMG ~ Assistant Quartermaster-General

ARCS ~ Australian Red Cross Society

ARD ~ Army Remount Department

ARD ~ Advanced Railway Depot

ARD ~ Advanced Remount Depot

ARI ~ Army Regulations India

ARMW ~ Army Reserve Munitions Worker

ARO ~ Army Roads Officer

ARO ~ Army Routine Orders

ARP ~ Ammunition Refilling Point

ARS ~ Advanced Regulating Station

Art. ~ Artillery

Art.Dpt ~ Artillery Depot

AS ~ Aircraft Spotter

ASB ~ Army Salvage Board

ASC ~ Army Service Corps

ASC ~ Ally Sloper's Cavalry (colloquial)

ASC ~ Amalgamated Society of Cripples (colloquial)

ASCB ~ Army Sport Control Board

ASD ~ Army Schools Department

ASD ~ Advanced Supply Depot

ASD ~ Area Signal Detachment

ASD ~ Aeroplane Supply Depot

ASE ~ Amalgamated Society of Engineers

ASH ~ Argylle & Sutherland Highlanders

ASO ~ Area Searchlight Officer

ASP ~ Ammunition Sub Park

Asst ~ Assistant

Asst CRE ~ Assistant Commanding Royal Engineers

AT ~ Ambulance Train

AT ~ Army Troops

AT Carts ~ Army Transport Carts

ATC ~ Army Troops Company

ATC ~ Australian Tunnelling Company

ATN ~ Anti-Torpedo Net

ATO ~ Admiralty Transport Office

ATS ~ Ambulance Train Section

ATS ~ Army Topographical Section

ATSC ~ Army Troops Supply Column

AUA ~ Assistant Unit Administrator

AVC ~ Army Veterinary Corps

AVS ~ Army Veterinary Service

AWB ~ Assisted Works Branch

AWL ~ Absent Without Leave

AWOL ~ Absent Without Leave