ww1 leyland lorry with personnel
ww1 motor ambulance with personnel


C ~ Cook

C of S ~ Controller of Salvage

C of SS ~ Controller of Surplus Stores & Salvage

C of SS & S ~ Controller of Surplus Stores & Salvage

C.Sgt ~ Colour Sergeant

CAC ~ Chemical Advisory Committee

CADC ~ Canadian Army Dental Corps

CAHTC ~ Cape Auxiliary Horse Transport Corps

CAMC ~ Canadian Army Medical Corps

CAMD ~ Controller Agricultural Machinery Department

CAP ~ Corps Ammunition Park

Capt ~ Captain

CASC ~ Canadian Army Service Corps

Cav ~ Cavalry

Cav Bde ~ Cavalry Brigade

Cav Divn PR ~ Cavalry Division Reserve Park

Cav F Amb ~ Cavalry Field Ambulance

CAVC ~ Canadian Army Veterinary Corps

CB ~ Confined to Barracks (punishment)

CB ~ Companion of the Order of Bath

CB ~ Counter Battery

CBE ~ Companion of the British Empire

CBO ~ Corps Bathing Officer

CBSO ~ Counter Battery Staff Officer

CC ~ Calais Commission

CC ~ Cape Corps (South Africa)

CC ~ Cavalry Corps

CC ~ Chief Controller

CC ~ Confined to Camp (punishment)

CCBAP ~ Canadian Cavalry Brigade Ammunition Park

CCC ~ Claims Compensation Commission

CCCC ~ Cape Colony Cyclists Corps

CCD ~ Commander of Coast Defences

CCD ~ Central Correspondence Department

CCH ~ Central Clearing House

CCLBn ~ Cape Coloured Labour Battalion

CCO ~ Corps Camouflage Officer

CCRA ~ Corps Commander Royal Artillery

CCRC ~ Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp

CCS ~ Cape Command Signals (South Africa)

CCS ~ Casualty Clearing Station

CCSCR ~ Cape Command Staff Corps Regiment (South Africa)

CCSIAF ~ Casualty Clearing Station Australian Imperial Force

CD ~ Cavalry Division

CDO ~ Chief Disposals Officer

CDS ~ Corps Dressing Station

CDSC ~ Cavalry Division Supply Column

CE ~ Chief Engineer

CE ~ Composition Exploding (munitions)

CEA ~ Chief Engineer of the Army

CEF ~ Canadian Expeditionary Force

CEMS ~ Church of England Men's Society

CEP ~ Corpo Expedicionario Portugues (Portuguese Expeditionary Corps)

CEPC ~ Chief Engineer of Port Construction

CF ~ Central Fire (munitions)

CF ~ Chaplain to the Forces

CF ~ Components Factory (Ministry of Munitions)

CFA ~ Canadian Field Artillery

CFC ~ Canadian Forestry Commission

CFE ~ Cape Fortress Engineers (South Africa)

CG ~ Chaplain-General

CG ~ Coldstream Guards

CGA ~ Canadian Garrison Artillery

CGA ~ Cape Garrison Artillery (South Africa)

CGAF ~ Controller of Gun Ammunition Filling

CGAHAB ~ Cape Garrison Artillery Heavy Artillery Brigade (South Africa)

CGM ~ Controller of Gun Manufacture

CGS ~ Chief of General Staff

CH ~ Member of the Order of the Companions of Honour

CH ~ Chiropodist

CHA ~ Commander Heavy Artillery

chara ~ charabanc

CHDAVC ~ Convalescent Horse Depot Army Veterinary Corps

CHO ~ Clearing House office (Ministry of Munitions)

CHR ~ Civil Hospital Reserve

CI ~ Cast Iron (munitions)

CI ~ Lady of the Imperial Order of the Crown of India

CIB ~ Canadian Infantry Brigade

CIB ~ Central Inspection Bond (Ministry of Munitions)

CID ~ Committee of Imperial Defence

CID ~ Central Investigation Department

CID ~ Central Invoicing Department

CID ~ Chemist Inspection Department

CIE ~ Chief Inspector of Explosives

CIE ~ Companion of the Order of the Indian Empire

CIF ~ Cost, Insurance & Freight

CIGS ~ Chief of Imperial General Staff

CIMT ~ Chief Inspector Mechanical Transport

CinC ~ Commander-in-Chief

CINO ~ Chief Inspector Naval Ordnance

CIOM ~ Chief Inspector of Ordnance Machinery

CIOO ~ Chief Inspecting Ordnance Officer

CIR ~ Commission Internationale de Ravitaillement

CIR ~ Commissioners of Inland Revenue

CISA ~ Chief Inspector of Small Arms

CIST ~ Chief Inspector Subsidised Transport

CIT ~ Chief Inspector of Transport

CIW ~ Chief Inspector Woolwich

CL ~ Clerk

CL ~ Controller of Labour

CLC ~ Chinese Labour Corps

CLH ~ Canadian Light Horse

CLSID ~ Chief Lady Superintendent Inspection Department

CLLE ~ Charger-Loading Lee-Enfield (rifle)

CLLM ~ Charger-Loading Lee-Metford (rifle)

CLO ~ Chief Labour Officer

CLRO ~ Corps Light Railway Officer

CMA ~ Controller of Military Accounts

CMB ~ Coastal Motor Boats

Cmdr ~ Commander

CMC ~ Condemned Machinery Certificate

CMD ~ Controller of Munitions Design

CME ~ Chief Mechanical Engineer

CMG ~ Commander of the Order of St Michael & St George

CMGO ~ Corps Machine Gun Officer

CMMOP ~ Controller of Munitions Mineral Oil Production

CMO ~ Court Martial Officer

CMP ~ Corps of Military Police

CMR ~ Canadian Mounted Rifles

CMR ~ Cape Mounted Rifles (South Africa)

CMSC ~ Cape Medical Staff Corps (South Africa)

CO ~ Commanding Officer

CO ~ Conscientious Objector

Co ~ Company

COC ~ Canadian Ordnance Corps

COF ~ Controller of Ordnance Factories

Col ~ Colonnial

Colm ~ Column

Commd ~ Commanding

Commdr ~ Commander

Commdt ~ Commandant

COO ~ Chief Ordnance Officer

CORCC ~ Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps

CORCT ~ Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Troops

COW ~ Coventry Ordnance Works

Coy ~ Company

CP ~ Censorship & Publicity

CP ~ Common Pointed (munitions)

CPB ~ Central Purchasing Board

CPC ~ Common Pointed, Capped (munitions)

CPDGR ~ Cape Penninsular Defence Garrison Regiment

Cpl ~ Corporal

CQMS ~ Corps Quartermaster Sergeant

CQMS ~ Company Quartermaster Sergeant

CRA ~ Commanding Royal Artillery

CRC ~ Corps Rest Camp

CRC ~ Civilian Railway Company

CRCE ~ Chief Railway Construction Engineer

CRCE ~ Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers

CRD ~ Commission Regulatrice de Debarquement

CRD ~ Corps Reserve Dump

CRE ~ Commanding Royal Engineers

CRESO ~ Chief Royal Enginers Stores Officer

CRO ~ Central Requisition Office

CRO ~ Corps Roads Officer

CRS ~ Chief Railway Storekeeper

CRT ~ Canadian Railway Troops

CS ~ Cast Steel (ammunition)

CS & TO ~ Chief Supply & Transport Officer

CSC ~ Civil Service Committee

CSC ~ Corps Supply Column

CSD ~ Central Stores Department

CSEF ~ Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force

CSKP ~ Chief Store Keeper Purfleet (railways)

CSI ~ Companion of the Order of the Star of India

CSIC ~ Cadet School Infantry Company

CSKP ~ Chief Storekeeper (railway)

CSM ~ Company Sergeant-Major

CSO ~ Chief Stores Officer

CSO ~ Corps Salvage Officer

CSO ~ Correspondece Section Officer

CSOF ~ Chief Superintendent of Ordnance Factories

CSP ~ Corps Siege Park

CT ~ Communication Trench

CT ~ Corps Troops

CT ~ Cubic Tons

CTA ~ County Territorial Association

CTC ~ Central Traffic Control

CTCEA ~ Camel Transport Corps Egyptian Army

CTPDC ~ Cape Town Permanent Duty Corps (South Africa)

CTMT ~ Corps Troops Mechanical Transport

CTO ~ Corps Tramways Officer

CTS ~ Corps Topographical Section

CTSC ~ Corps Troops Supply Column

CTTO ~ Corps Tramway Traffic Officer

CTWR ~ Controller of Trench Warfare Research

CV ~ Captured Vehicle

CVBC ~ Cape Volunteer Bearer Corps

CVD ~ Central Voucher Department

CVO ~ Commander of the Royal Victorian Order

CWD ~ Chemical Warfare Department

CWGC ~ Commonwealth War Graves Commission

CWWCP ~ Corps Walking Wounded Collection Post