Veurne main square in ww1 with horses and lorries
ww1 dennis lorry with trainee drivers and instructor


D ~ Director

D ~ Deputy

D of A ~ Director of Artillery

D of F ~ Director of Forestry

D of H ~ Degree of Honour

D of O ~ Director of Ordnance

D of S ~ Director of Salvage

D of S ~ Director of Stores

D of S ~ Director of Supplies

D of T ~ Director of Transport

D Rlys ~ Director of Railways (from 6/10/1915)

D Rly ~ Director of Railways (from 6/10/1916)

D.Mov ~ Director of Movements

D.Mov & AD Railways ~ Director-General of Movements & Railways

D.Post ~ Director of Postal Services

D.Rem ~ Director of Remounts

D.Remounts ~ Director of Remounts

D.Sigs ~ Director of Army Signals

DA ~ Divisional Artillery

DA ~ Director of Artillery

DA & QMG ~ Deputy Assistant & Adjutant Quartermaster-General

DAA ~ Director of Army Accounts

DAAG ~ Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General

DAB ~ Disposal of Animals Branch (veterinary)

DAC of S ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Salvage

DAC ~ Divisional Ammunition Column

DAC ~ Director of Army Contracts

DACAIF ~ Divisional Artillery Column Australian Imperial Force

DACG ~ Deputy Assistant Chaplain-General

DACTS ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Timber Supplies

DAD ~ Deputy Assistant Director

DAD Roads ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Roads

DAD Sigs ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Signals

DADAPS ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Army Postal Service

DADGR & E ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Graves Registration & Enquiries

DADGT ~ Deputy Assistant Director-General of Transportation

DADL ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Labour

DADMS ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services

DADOS ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services

DADPS ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Postal Services

DADR ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Remounts

DADR ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Roads

DADRT ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Railway Traffic

DADS ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Supplies

DADS & T ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Supplies & Transport

DADT ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Transport

DADW ~ Deputy Assistant Director of Works

DAE ~ Director of Aeronautical Equipment

DAG ~ Deputy Adjutant-General

DAH ~ Disordered Action of the Heart (medical)

DAMS ~ Deputy Assistant Military Secretary

DAO ~ Director of Area Organisation

DAP ~ Department of Aircraft Production

DAP ~ Director of Army Priorities

DAP ~ Directorate of Agricultural Production

DAP ~ Division Ammunition Park

DAPC ~ Deputy Assistant Principle Chaplain

DAPS ~ Director of Army Postal Service

DAQMG ~ Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General

DARP ~ Divisional Ammunition Reserve Park

DAS ~ Director of Army Signals

DB ~ Danger Building

DB ~ Disposal Board

DBC ~ Director of Barrack Construction

DBD ~ Danger Building Department

DBDAIF ~ Divisional Base Depot Australian Imperial Force

DBO ~ Danger Building Officer

DBS ~ Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire

DC of S ~ Deputy Controller of Salvage

DC ~ Direct Current

DC ~ Disposal Commissioner

DC ~ District Control (traffic)

DC 1 ~ Director of Army Contracts - Stores

DC 2 ~ Director of Army Contracts - Supplies

DC 3 ~ Director of Army Contracts - Works Supplies

DC 4 ~ Director of Army Contracts - Clothing

DC 5 ~ Director of Army Contracts - Medical Stores

DCC ~ Deputy Chief Controller (Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps)

DCD ~ Dripping Collecting Point

DCIGS ~ Deputy Chief of the Imperial General Staff

DCL ~ Deputy Controller of Labour

DCLI ~ Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

DCM ~ Distinguished Conduct Medal

DCM ~ District Court Martial

DCMT ~ Deputy Controller of Mechanical Transport

DCMT ~ Director of Contracts Mechanical Transport

DCO ~ Draft Conducting Officer

DD ~ Deputy Director

DD ~ Director of Docks

DD ~ Docks Directorate

DD Rlys ~ Deputy Director of Railways

DD Sigs ~ Deputy Director of Signals

DDAC ~ Deputy Director of Army Contracts

DDAPS ~ Deputy Director of Army Postal Service

DDEOS ~ Deputy Director of Equipment & Ordnance Stores

DDGMR ~ Deputy Director-General of Military Railways

DDGMR ~ Deputy Director-General of Movements & Railways

DDGMS ~ Deputy Director-General of Munitions Supply

DDGS ~ Deputy Director-General of Supply

DDGT ~ Deputy Director-General of Transport

DDG(W) ~ Deputy Director-General (Woolwich)

DDIWT ~ Deputy Director of Inland Water Transport

DDMA ~ Deputy Director of Munitions Accounts

DDMS ~ Deputy Director of Medical Services

DDO ~ Deputy Director of Ordnance

DDOS ~ Deputy Director of Ordnance Services

DDOS ~ Deputy Director of Ordnance Stores

DDOES ~ Deputy Director of Ordnance & Engineering Supplies

DDPS ~ Deputy Director of Postal Services

DDR ~ Deputy Director of Roads

DDRT ~ Deputy Director of Railway Traffic

DDS ~ Deputy Director of Salvage

DDS ID ~ Deputy Director of Salvage Investigation Department

DDS & T ~ Deputy Director of Supplies & Transport

DDTN ~ Deputy Director of Transportation

DDVS ~ Deputy Director of Veterinary Services

DDW ~ Deputy Director of Works

DEOR ~ Duke of Edinburgh's Own Rifles (South Africa)

DEOS ~ Director of Equipment & Ordnance Stores

DEOVR ~ Duke of Edinburgh's Own Volunteer Rifles (South Africa)

Dept ~ Department

DES ~ Director of Engineering Stores

DES ~ Director of Explosives Supplies

Det ~ Detachment

DFAWU ~ Divisional Field Ambulance Workshop Unit

DFC ~ Director of Factory Construction

DFC ~ Distinguished Flying Cross

DFM ~ Distinguished Flying Medal

DFPD ~ Director of Food Production Department

DFS ~ Director of Financial Services

DFSC ~ Depot Field Survey Company

DFW ~ Director of Fortifications & Works

DFW ~ Directorate of Works in France

DG ~ Dragoon Guard

DG Mob ~ Director-General of Mobilisation & Recruiting

DGAMS ~ Director-General of Army Medical Services

DGAVS ~ Director-General of Army Veterinary Services

DGC ~ Director-General of Contracts

DGF ~ Director-General of Factories

DGFPD ~ Director-General of Food Production Department

DGGR & E ~ Director-General of Graves Registration & Enquiries

DGIM ~ Director-General Inspector of Munitions

DGM ~ Director-General of Munitions

DGMC ~ Director-General of Munitions Contracts

DGMD ~ Director-General Munitions Design

DGMI ~ Director-General of Munitions Inspection

DGMR ~ Director-General of Military Railways

DGMR ~ Director-General of Movements & Railways

DGMS ~ Director-General of Munitions Supply

DGMS ~ Director-General of Medical Services

DGNS ~ Director-General of National Service

DGO ~ Divisional Gas Officer

DGOS ~ Director-Genral of Ordnance Services

DGS & T ~ Director-General of Supplies & Transport

DGT ~ Director-General of Transportation

DGTC ~ Director-General of Tank Corps

DGTF ~ Director-General of Territorial Force

DGTVF ~ Director-General of Territorial & Volunteer Force

DH ~ Director of Hygiene

DHQ ~ Divisional Headquarters

DIB ~ Divisional Infantry Brigade

DIC ~ Director of Inspection Carriages

DIF ~ District Inspector of Factories

DIF ~ Director of Inspection Filling

DIGA (S) ~ Director of Inspection Ammunition (Supervisory)

DIGA (T) ~ Director of Inspection Ammunition (Technical)

DIGC ~ Deputy Inspector-General Communications

DIGG ~ Deputy Inspector of Guns & Grenades

DIHE ~ Director of Inspection of High Explosives

DIL ~ Dangerously Ill List

DIMA ~ Director of Inspection Munitions Areas

DIOS ~ Deputy Inspector of Optical Stores

DIP ~ Deputy Inspector of Propellants

DIS ~ Detail Issue Store

DIS ~ Discharge ~ (Australian)

DISAA ~ Deputy Inspector of Small Arms Ammunition

Dist ~ District

DITW ~ Deputy Inspector of Trench Warfare

Div ~ Division

Divl ~ Divisional

Divl Cmdr ~ Divisional Commander

Divn ~ Division

DIWD ~ Director of Inland Waterways & Docks

DIWT ~ Director of Inland Water Transport

DIY ~ Derbyshire Imperial Yeomanry

DJAG ~ Deputy Judge Advocate-General

DL ~ Director of Labour

DLC ~ Disposal & Liquidation Commission

DLI ~ Durham Light Infantry

DLOY ~ Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry

DLR ~ Director of Light Railways

DLRR ~ Director of Light Railways & Roads

DM ~ Director of Mobilisation

DMA ~ Director of Military Accounts

DMF ~ Director of Munitions Finance

DMI ~ Director of Military Intelligence

DM & IS ~ Director Machinery & Implements Section

DMO ~ Director of Military Operations

DMPF ~ Director of Military Prisons in the Field

DMR ~ Director of Military Requirements

DMR ~ District Mounted Rifles (South Africa)

DMRS ~ Director of Munitions Requirements & Statistics

DMRT ~ Director of Military Railway Traffic

DMS ~ Director of Medical Services

DMS ~ Deputy Military Secretary

DMST ~ Director of Military Sea Transport

DMT ~ Director of Mechanical Transport

DMT ~ Director of Motor Transport (Australia)

DMT ~ Director of Military Training

DMT ~ Director of Military Transport

DMT ~ District Mounted Troops (South Africa)

DMT ~ Director of Motor Transport Services (Australia)

DMT Coy ~ Divisional Mechanical Transport Company

DMTI ~ Director of Mechanical Transport Inspection

Dn ~ Dragoon

DNC ~ Director of Navy Contracts

DNTO ~ Divisional Naval Transport Officer

DO ~ Director of Organisation

DO ~ Divisional Order

DORA ~ Defence of the Realm Act

DORE ~ District Office Royal Engineers

DOS ~ Director of Ordnance Services

DOS ~ Director of Ordnance Supplies

DOT ~ Department for Overseas Trade

DP ~ Director of Pathology

DP ~ Drill Purpose

DPNTO ~ Deputy Principal Naval Transport Officer

DPS ~ Director of Personnel Services

DPS ~ Director of Postal Services

DPW ~ Director of Prisoners of War

DQMG ~ Deputy Quartermaster-General

DR ~ Director of Remounts

DR ~ Despatch Rider

Dr ~ Doctor

Dr ~ Driver

Dr ~ Drummer

DRE ~ Detachment Royal Engineers

DRF ~ Depression Range-Finder

DRF ~ Driver Royal Field Artillery

DRG ~ Driver Royal Garrison Artillery 60-pdr

DRG & E ~ Director of Graves Registration & Enquiries

DRH ~ Driver Royal Horse Artillery

DRLS ~ Despatch Rider Letter Service

DRM ~ Director of Raw Materials

DRMD ~ Director of Railway Materials Department

DRO ~ Director of Recruiting & Organisation

DRR ~ Director of Railways & Roads

DRS ~ Director of Remount Services

DRS ~ Director of Requisition Services

DRT ~ Director of Railway Traffic

DRT ~ Director of Railway Transport (to 31/11/1915)

DRTO ~ Divisional Road Transport Officer (Home Front)

DS ~ Director of Supplies

DSC ~ Divisional Salvage Company

DSC ~ Distinguished Service Cross (naval)

DSC ~ Divisional Supply Column

DSC ~ Divisional Signal Company (South Africa)

DSCAIF ~ Divisional Supply Column Australian Imperial Force

DSD ~ Director of Staff Duties

DSM ~ Distinguished Service Medal

DSO ~ Distinguished Service Order

DSQ ~ Director of Supplies & Quartering

DSRT ~ Director of Steam Road Transport

DST ~ Director of Sea Transport

DST ~ Director of Supplies & Transport

DT ~ Day Tracer (munitions)

DT ~ Director of Transport

DTIB ~ Directorate of Transport Inspection Branch

DTM ~ Director of Transport & Movements

DTMO ~ Divisional Trench Mortar Officer

DTN ~ Director of Transportation

DTO ~ Divisional Tramway Officer

DTO ~ Dock Transport Officer

DTS ~ Director of Transports & Shipping

DUA ~ Deputy Unit Administrator

DUS ~ Depot Unit of Supply (Australian)

Dvr ~ Driver

DVS ~ Director of Veterinary Services

DW ~ Director of Works

DW ~ Dead Weight

DW ~ Director of Wool & Textile Production

DWR ~ Duke of Wellington's Regiment