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berliet being lifted aboard ship


S ~ Service

S.1 ~ Signaller (1st Class)

S.1WT ~ Signaller (1st Class) Wireless Telegraphy

S.2 ~ Signaller (2nd Class)

S.2WT ~ Signaller (2nd Class) Wireless Telegraphy

S & CEC ~ Shell & Components Executive Committee

S & M ~ Sappers & Miners

S & TC ~ Supply & Transport Corps (Indian Army)

S of M ~ School of Musketry

S of S ~ Secretary of State for War

SAA ~ Small Arms Ammunition

SAAF ~ Small Arms Ammunition Factory (Ministry of Munitions)

SAAS ~ Small Arms Ammunition Section

SAB ~ Sabulite

SAC ~ Small Arms Committee

SAC ~ South African Constabulary

SACDC ~ South African Coastal Defence Corps

SACDLS ~ South African Coastal Defence & Lighthouse Service

SACSCRE ~ South African Corps Signal Company Royal Engineers

SADSC ~ South African Despatch Service Corps

SAEC ~ South African Engineering Corps

SAFA ~ South African Field Ambulance

SAFA ~ South African Field Ambulance

SAFT&PC ~ South African Field Telegraph & Postal Corps

SAFT&PU ~ South African Field Telegraph & Postal Unit

SAH ~ South African Highlanders

SAH ~ South African Horse

SAHA ~ South African Horse Artillery

SAI ~ South African Infantry

SAL.1 ~ Salvage (personnel & admin)

SAL.2 ~ Salvage (abroad)

SAL.3 ~ Salvage (home front)

SAL.4 ~ Salvage (statistics)

SALH ~ South African Light Horse

SAMC ~ South African Medical Corps

SAMCC ~ South African Motor Cyclists Corps

SAMDR ~ South African Military Despatch Riders

SAME ~ South African Mounted Engineers

SAMIR ~ South African Mounted Irregular Forces

SAMNS ~ South Africa Medical Nursing Service

SAMP ~ South African Military Police

SAMR ~ South African Mounted Regiment

SAMRFAB ~ South African Mounted Regiment Field Artillery Brigade

SANLC ~ South African Native Labour Corps

SAOC ~ South African Ordnance Corps

SAP ~ South African Police

SAP ~ Siege Ammunition Park

SAPB ~ South African Pioneer Battalion

SAPC ~ South African Postal Corps

SARFC ~ South African Royal Flying Corps

SARG ~ South African Railway Gaugers

SAROC ~ South African Railway Operating Company

SARODS ~ South African Railway Overseas Dominion Section

SARS ~ South African Railway

SART ~ South African Railway Troops

SASC ~ South African Service Corps

SASCMT ~ South African Service Corps Mechanical Transport

SASCT&R ~ South African Service Corps Transport & Remounts

SASE ~ South African Service Engineers

SASO ~ Special Area Salvage Officer

SASO ~ Special Area Salvage Operations

SASRFC ~ South African Squadron Royal Flying Corps

SASSFA ~ South African Special Service Field Ambulance

SATC ~ South African Transport Service

SAVC ~ South African Veterinary Corps

SAVR ~ South African Veterans Regiment

SAWSC ~ South African Water Supply Company

SB ~ Siege Battery

SB ~ Swiss Berna (lorry)

SB ~ Stretcher Bearer

SBAC ~ Siege Battery Ammunition Column

SBAIF ~ Siege Battery Australian Imperial Force

SB (HD) ~ Siege Battery (Heavy Draught)

SBGA ~ Siege Battery Garrison Artillery

SC ~ Staff Captain

SC ~ Sitting Cases (patients in ambulances)

SC ~ Qualified Smith (Carriage)

SC ~ Stretcher Cases (patients in ambulances)

SC ~ Supply Column

SCC ~ Shipping Control Committee

SCF ~ Senior Chaplain to the Forces

SD ~ Qualified Saddler

SD ~ Supply Depot

SD ~ Salvage Depot

SD ~ Staff Duties

SDBO ~ Senior Danger Buildings Officer

SDIE ~ Subordinate Department Indian Engineers

SDS ~ Shell Discard Steel

Sec ~ Section

SF ~ Sherwood Foresters

SF & AW ~ Small Flange & Above Water (munitions)

SFG ~ Sulphurless Fine Grain (munitions)

SG ~ Standard Gauge (railways)

SG ~ Scots Guards

SGS ~ Surveyor-General of Supplies

SGSB ~ Surveyor-General Supply Branch

Sgt ~ Sergeant

SH ~ Stationary Hospital

SIB ~ Staffordshire Infantry Brigade

Sig.Co.A ~ Signal Company Airline

Sig.Co.C ~ Signal Company Cable

Sig.Co.D ~ Signal Company with Division

Sig.Co.W ~ Signal Company Wireless

Sig.O ~ Signals Officer

Sig.Sqd ~ Signals Squadron

Sig.Tp ~ Signals Troops

sigs ~ Signals

SIMT ~ Senior Inspector Mechanical Transport

SIOM ~ Senior Inspector Ordnance Machinery

SIW ~ Self-Inflicted Wound

Sjt ~ Sergeant

SK ~ British Tear Gas (South Kensington)

SKP ~ Store Keeper Purfleet (railways)

SLI ~ Somerset Light Infantry

SLI ~ Shropshire Light Infantry

SLR ~ Superintendent Light Railways

SM ~ Sergeant-Major

SM ~ Shoe Maker

SMCCS ~ South Midlands Casualty Clearing Station

SMLE ~ Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (gun)

SMMT ~ Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders

SMO ~ Senior Medical Officer

SMS ~ Stokes Mortar Section (South Africa)

SMTO ~ Senior Mechanical Transport Officer

SNO ~ Senior Naval Officer

SO ~ Staff Officer

SO ~ Supply Officer

SO DSC ~ Supply Officer Divisional Supply Column

SofE ~ Superintendent of Experiments

SOS ~ Save Our Souls

SOS ~ Scouting, Observation & Sniping (school)

SOS ~ Struck Off Strength

SOS ~ Superintendent of Ordnance Stores

SP ~ Siege Park

SP ~ Strongpoint

SPD ~ Southern Petrol Depot

SPD ~ Supplies Purchasing Department

Spt ~ preceding a man's service number (Sports Battalions Royal Fusiliers)

SPW ~ Siege Park Workshops

Sqdn ~ Squadron

SQMS ~ Squadron Quartermaster-Sergeant

Sqn ~ Squadron

SR ~ Short Range

SR ~ Scottish Rifles

SR ~ Special Reserve

SRD ~ Seldom Reaches Destination (colloquial)

SRD ~ Service Rum (Dilute)

SRD ~ Special Rations Department

SRD ~ Supply Reserve Depot

SRS ~ Sound Ranging Section

SRT ~ Steam Road Transport

SRTO ~ Supply Railway Transport Officer

SS ~ Qualified Shoeing Smith

SS ~ Staff Sergeant

SS ~ Stationery Service

SS ~ Steam Ship

SS & S ~ Surplus Stores & Salvage Branch

SSM ~ Squadron Sergeant-Major (cavalry)

SSO ~ Senior Supply Officer

SSO ~ Specialist Sanitary Officer

SSO ~ Station Staff Officer

SSRE ~ Special Section Royal Engineers

SSS ~ Safety Service Superintendent

SSS ~ Superintendent of Safety Services

STC ~ Slough Trading Company Ltd

ST Co ~ Slough Trading Company Ltd

Stk ~ preceding a man's service number (Stockbroker's Battalion Royal Fusiliers)

STRO ~ Supply Train Regulating Officer

STSAIF ~ Sea Transport Staff Australian Imperial Force

SV ~ Specific Volume (munitions)

SV ~ Striking Velocity (munitions)

SWB ~ Silver War Badge

SWB ~ South Wales Borderers

SWC ~ Supreme War Council

SWO ~ Senior Works Officer

SWP ~ Special Works Park

SY ~ Steam Yacht