The Antediluvian Lorryman

Bill Downs

Bill Down's first experience with motor lorries was in France during WW1.

After the Great War he bought a Maudslay at a Slough disposal auction and so began a life as a long distance lorry driver that was to last 45 years.

Solid tyres, no windscreens, massive overloading and virtually no brakes, Bill was one of the pioneers who helped establish long distance road haulage.

Bill's story tells of the days of humour, danger, camaraderie and freedom of the road long before the legislators exerted some control and sleeper cabs and motorways.

Bill's memory of events and entertaining style make this a history of the very early days impossible to put down. A history of events that have stuck in Bill's mind that tell what life was like on the road.

Published by East Anglian Magazine Ltd.

ISBN : 0-900227-65-6

Long out of print, but can still be found periodically on Ebay, Amazon etc.