75 Years of the Traffic Commissioners

Geoffrey Jones

Few people in the transport industry, whether goods or passenger, would have escaped dealings with the Traffic Commissioners. But who are they?

Geoffrey Jones' book sets out to celebrate their 75th anniversary by providing an insight into their history and role within the transport industry. Although initially a bit dry and heavy going, the reader who perseveres will be rewarded by an entertaining and informative read.

Geoffrey has made extensive use of quotes from the Commissioners annual reports, interspersed with his own explanatory notes. This results in a historical record from a different angle to the usual company history.

In the late 1930's, the Licensing Authority for the East Midlands Area remarked "I have had some difficulty with an applicant for the renewal of his licence whose vehicle had been prohibited, whose driver's records were lost, who did not know the name of his chief customer and whose knowledge of receipts seemed limited to the pocket money his wife allowed him..."

Such comments say more about changing times than many histories achieve. A far more interesting and entertaining read than anticipated.

Published by the Roads and Road Transport History Association.

ISBN : 0-9552876-0-X