The Full Turn of the Wheel

Peter May

The story of May's Motors of Elstead, Surrey 1920 to 1997.

May's Motors came into existence when Peter May's father, Dick, purchased a small carriers business with part of the deal being taught how to drive the 5cwt van that comprised the business.

From that beginning, May's Motors grew under the leadership of Peter May to encompass local tipper transport to international transport, a car dealership and commercial repair services, not to mention farming. More than the story of a business, this is a story of rural life and how family businesses grow through necessity and not without hardships.

The story of a man who was very much a 'hands on' owner, to the extent that putting the tools in the car to drive to Grantham overnight to rebuild a blown engine in a layby and driving it home was considered no more than something that had to be done.

Peter takes us through the uncertain times during nationalisation, the hardships imposed by the introduction of the licensing systems and the adventure that was international transport with oversize loads.

Throughout there is the overwhelming desire to be part of the community and this results in a record of life rather than just a company history. An excellent read with many interesting photographs.

Published by the Roads and Road Transport History Association.

ISBN : 978-0-9552876-1-9