Destination Western Front

London's Omnibuses Go to War (Second Edition)

Roy Larkin



Although described as a Second Edition, the new book is very much more than this label might suggest. The text has been considerably extended as a result of new research at the The National Archives and other previously untapped resources. The original chapter headings remain, but are reorganised and added to with a chapter on the Omnibus Companies (the military ones) and with a 36 page appendix detailing the use of the buses, gleaned from contemporary war diaries. There is also a most informative list of the many abbreviations used by the military! The book is extensively illustrated with some fascinating black & white photographs, which given the circumstances in which many of them were taken are of excellent quality.

If you enjoyed the first edition of this book, buy the second edition - you will not be disappointed.

John Bennet, The Omnibus Society

Hats off to the pinstaking, thorough research that went on to bring us this very moving , heroic tale. Really terrific!

Classic Bus magazine

 Congratulations on the 2nd edition: A very nicely produced book, and full of interesting facts and images.

One of many very happy customers



ISBN: 978-0-9565014-6-2

Hard back 192pp

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