Bethune main square with 90 Coy ASC buses 1915  Bethune main square today 
Bethune main square with 90 coy ASC buses 1915 Bethn emain square today
Grand Place

90 Coy ASC (1 Auxiliary Bus Coy)
were the only omnibus company to be at Bethune.

They were at Bethune briefly in January 1915
while serving 1 Indian Cavalry.
There is little that can be positively identified
as from the period images in the
Grand Place at Bethune today.

Some of the buildings and views tease
by looking almost right,
but are only ever 'almost' right.
College st vaast bethune 6 field ambulance in ww1 college st vaast bethune today
Le College Saint-Vaast
No. 6 Field Ambulance based at the college from 1915
The college is at 141 Rue Paul Doumer
marche aux chevaux bethune in ww1 ruins of marche aux chevaux in ww1
Marche aux Cheveaux
now Place de la Republique.

657 Coy ASC (4 MRU) were based at
Maison Delahaye in the Marche on Cheveaux
in October 1916.

A century later, it is possible to recognise the
distinctive building and roof to the extreme left
in the period image, but a modern Post Office
now dominates the view.
modern buildings where marche aux chevaux would be today
Bethune rue de arras pre-ww1 with civilian shoppers ruins of rue de arras during ww1
Rue d'Arras

325 Coy ASC (7 MAC)

Based in Rue d'Arras in January 1915 for
just a few days before moving to Choques
on 25 January following the heavy shelling
of Bethune.
Rue de arras bethune today with modern shops
behtune place lamartine ruins in ww1 place lamartine and rue sadi-carnot today
Rue Sadi-Carnot & Place Lamartine 59 Coy ASC (1 DSC)
Used Place Lamartine for parking in January 1915.
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