cambrai cathedral with ruins and thornycroft lorry cambrai cathedral today 
Cambrai was liberated on 9 October 1918.
A British Thornycroft stands in Rue de Noyon
with the cathedral in the background.

The road is largely unchanged except for the addition of modern neon advertising signs. The arched doorway the Thornycroft stands outside is exactly the same today.
265 Coy ASC [51 DSC] moved to Cambrai on
17 October 1918.

273 Coy ASC [21 Divn MT Coy] used Cambrai railhead
from 4 November 1918.

48 Coy ASC [17 DSC] used Cambrai railhead
from 7 December 1918.
73 Coy ASC [3 Cav MT Coy] moved to Cambrai on
10 June 1919.
lycee paul duez with british lorries 1918 lycess paul duez today
A Peerless breakdown lorry & an unidentified British 3-ton lorry outside the Lycee Paul Duez in the Boulevarde Paul Bezin. The attic windows appear to have been converted into a fourth floor, although the window layout and main design remain the same.
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