war time poperinge with ambulances and vans with horse transport present day poperinge main square in bright sunshine
wartime poperinge main square with marching troops estaminets and horse transport present day poperinge main square with estaminets and sunshine

The Grand Place

The town saw thousands of troops passing through
or resting on the way to the Ypres salient.
Many of the estaminets and restaurants in the Grand Place can still be found today plying their trade, though not providing all  of the services once offered to the men on leave in the town.
Rue cassel poperinge ruins by chaurch present day rue cassel poperinge by church
Rue de Cassel 421 Coy ASC (4 MAC) June 1915
pre-ww1 rue boeschepe poperinge presnt day rue boeschepe poperinge with office of smto
Rue de Boeschepe

The Senior Mechanical Transport Officer (XIX Corps)
was based at No. 38 (right) during October 1918.
office of smto in rue boeschepe poperinge today
Bertenplein poperinghe in old days bertenplein in modern times

14 Bertenplein (right) was used for billets.
14 bertenplein billets
gasthistraat Theatre in old days gasthuistraat theatre now hop museum
Gasthuistraat The Theatre, now the Hop Museum.
Hector Lebbe's Iron Store in Gasthuistraat
provided billets for 400 men of
6 Division in October 1915
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