french buses parked at Proven in ww1 proven today
French buses parked in Provenplein.

90 Coy ASC (1 Auxiliary Bus Coy) detached buses at Proven
in June 1915 until June 1916.
They were used to convey troops to Ypres and
Belgian civilians to and from work in the area.

The company conveyed 1,000 troops from Proven
to Ypres on 4 July 1915 and
4,000 to Brielen on 27 December 1915.

3 Field Ambulance reported that parking for motor ambulances very difficult due to very wet fields on 20 March 1916.

Various bus companies moved thousands of troops weekly to Proven during 1917.
421 Coy ASC (4 MAC) arrived in Proven 13 September 1915
and found billets in St Josephs Convent
and parking behind the church.

4 MAC was transferred from BRCS to the Army on
22 November 1915.
On 30 November, the company was reduced to 60 drivers as
Red Cross men who refused to join the army were sent home.
Began testing internal heating systems for ambulances
12 December 1915.

498 Coy ASC (17 DSC) commenced using Proven railhead
on 21 March 1917.

681 Coy ASC (33 Aux MT Coy) arrived 10 June 1917.

806 Coy (5 MRU) arrived 12 June 1917.

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