Veurne main square during wartime with belgian military transport wartime veurne main square with belgian horse transport
Belgian troops in the Grand Place.

Veurne became the centre of Belgian resistance
and the town hall was the Belgian Army's HQ
during the Battle of the Yser.

Marie Curie moved to Veurne in 1914 where she
developed the mobile radiology lorries and established
the first field x-ray service for the French army.

By 1918 there were 20 mobile x-ray units
operated by 200 women trained by Marie Curie.

The Munro Ambulance Corps arrived in Veurne
on 21 October 1914.
veurne main square today
wartime veurne main square present day veurne main square
Belgian armoured cars and troops. Modern cars have replaced the armoured cars.
The buildings are still the same.
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