Watou church and main square pre-ww1

watou main square pre-ww1
watou church & main square today

watou main square today

Grand Place

302 Coy ASC (61 DSC) established workshops
in Grand Place, August 1917.

79 Coy ASC (1 Indian Cavalry Division Ammunition Column
with the entire 1 Indian Cavalry Division arrived in Watou
on 28 April 1915.

1 Canadian Motor Ambulance Workshop ordered to Watou
on 28 April 1915 and found no room with the town full
of Mechanical Transport so returned to Abeele.

498 Coy ASC (17 DSC) arrived in Watou on 20 May 1917
and established a Reserve Dump
for 20,000 men and 5,400 horses.

90 Coy ASC (1 Auxiliary Bus Coy), headquartered at Boeschepe, conveyed 1,000 KRR on 13 August 1915 from Watou to Ypres
which was the start of conveying hundreds of troops
daily between the Watou area and Ypres.

From June 1916, buses were detached at Watou and conveyed
20,000 troops monthly to the Ypres salient up to October 1916
when the number fell to 2,000 monthly.
This workload continued throughout 1917.

339 Coy ASC (51 Auxiliary Bus Coy) detached 48 charabancs with
9 lorries at Wormhoudt to convey French Troops from Watou.

Roads around Watou were regularly described as overcrowded and in constant danger of shellfire.

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