war office in london 1920
War Office
telegraphic addresses used in documents either as shorthand or as codenames
grove park asc 1914


ADULATORY ~ Adjutant-General to the Forces

ARMY CONTRACTS ~ Director of Contracts

ASSAULTS ~ Master-General of the Ordnance

BRICKBAT ~ Director of Barrack Construction

BROADNESS ~ Director of Staff Duties

CHIEF ~ Chief of the Imperial General Staff

DEHISCENCE ~ Director of Military Training

DEHORTED ~ Director-General of the Army Medical Service

ENGINOLOGY ~ Inspector of the Royal Engineers

ENHANCE ~ Inspector of the Medical Services

EPHIALTES ~ Financial Secretary

EXEMPTIBLE ~ Director of Fortifications & Works

FESSITUDE ~ Quartermaster-General to the Forces

FORCEDLY ~ Director of Recruiting & Organisation

FUSIBILITY ~ Director of the Artillery

GUNCASE ~ Inspector of the Royal Garrison Artillery

GUNLOCK ~ Inspector of the Royal Horse & Royal Field Artillery

GUNSHOT ~ Director of the Equipment & Ordnance Services

HEELTOOL ~ Director of Military Operations

INSPENTRY ~ Inspector of the Infantry

JAUNTINESS ~ Director of Supplies

JUDVOCATE ~ Judge Advocate General

KIT ~ Inspector of the Army Service Corps

LANDLORD ~ Comptroller of Lands

MEEKNESS ~ Chaplain-General

MILITARY SECRETARY ~ Military Secretary

NUDATION ~ Director-General of the Army Veterinary Service

PACKSADDLE ~ Director of Transport

PICKED ~ Inspector-General of the Overseas Forces &
General Officer Commanding-in-Chief in the Mediterranean

POLYTLAS ~ Assistant Financial Secretary

PROEMIAL ~ Secretary of State for War

REMOUNTING ~ Director of Remounts

SEEMLINESS ~ Director of Personal Services

SIDONIUS ~ Inspector-General of Home Forces

SPACIOUS ~ Director of Movements & Quartering

STREPHONIC ~ Inspector of the Army Ordnance Service

TERRIFOR ~ Director-General of the Territorial Force

TIMOLEON ~ Assistant Adjutant-General for Recruiting

TROOPERS ~ Secretary of the War Office

TROTTABLE ~ Inspector of the Cavalry