On 5 August 1914, No.1 Base, commanded by Col FJ Parker mobilised for Southampton. The Staff comprised:


AA & QGM ~ Col. E. Montague


DA & QMG ~ Capt JC Browne


MLO ~ Capt OHL Nicholson


Staff Captain ~ Capt GH Harvey


AMLO ~ Capts WFS Carson, KT Kedie, WW Seymour, EF St John, RM Luckock, AS Humphreys


Censorship Officers ~ Maj CE Galway, Capt AR Richardson


ADMS ~ Lt Col Reilly


MO (Embarkation Duty) ~ Maj WM Power


Sanitary Officer ~ Capt N Low


APM ~ Capt GW Stacpoole



Royal Engineer Officer for Works:

Majs FW Watling, AH Tyler, RS Walker, CG Falcon, CFB Pike, CM Carpenter, Capt AW Reid, Lt CR Shannon


On 9 August No.1 Base embarked ss.VERA at 11.30am, along with:


No.2 Base for Rouen

No.3 Base for Boulogne

Advanced Base

Inspector-General Communications


They departed Southampton at 4.45pm and berthed at Havre at midnight on 9/10 August.

The crossing was protected by British warships permanently patrolling on both beams.


 ss.vera first ship of the BEF in France

Offices opened at Havre


HQ No.1 Base, with PNTO, ADMS & DADT

Quai Transatlantique


Naval Post

Gare d’Escale, Quai d’Escale


GHQ 3 Echelon

Ecole Raspail, Rue Raspail


DMS, DRS, DS, DVS, DW CRO, Chief Paymaster, DD Sigs

Ecole du Lycee


Ordnance Depot & Supply Depot

Hangar aux Cotons, Quai de la Garonne


Ordnance Repair Shop

Huile Deutsch, Boulevard d’Harfleur


Veterinary & Remount Depot Office

L’Usine Bundy, Boulevard Said Carnot


Post Censor

Bureau de Poste, Boulevard Strasbourg


Reserve Baggage Depot

Magazins Generaux, Rue Marceau


Stationery Depot

Credit Lyonnaise, Boulevard de Strasbourg


Army Post Office

8 Rue de Caligny


Assistant Provost Marshal

Ecole d’Apprentisage, Rue Dume d’Aplemont


No.2 General Hospital

Palais des Regates

Ecole Jean Mace

Casino, 180 Boulevard Maritime

Gare Maritime, Quai d’Escale


9 Stationary Hospital



Medical Aid Post

Quai de Saigon

Ecole Pratique du Commerce, Rue du Lycee


Veterinary Hospital

Usine Bundy, Boulevard Sadi Carnot


Veterinary Dressing Station

Quai de Pondicherry


On 29 August the Inspector-General Communications

ordered the evacuation of Havre to Saint-Nazaire.


The evacuation involved moving

65,000 tons stores/supplies

22,200 personnel

3,500 horses


No.1 Base returned to Havre on 20 September 1914